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Early in 1992, Dr Dries Coetzer took the initiative to start an anaesthetist practice that would serve the Stellenbosch Mediclinic, and he started his practice on 1 April 1992. He and his wife, Adéle, initially ran the practice from their home. Dr Coetzer’s motto was to always provide good service and to always be available.

This work ethic led to the practice expanding rapidly and by 1997 the number of patients had increased to such an extent that an associate, Dr Johan Lourens, joined the practice on 1 September 1997. In 2001, after nearly four years, they realised that a second associate was needed. Dr Auret Lochner therefore joined them on 1 March 2001 and the practice was moved to the Stellenbosch Mediclinic.

The practice gradually expanded further, leading to the need for a third associate. Dr Thinus Scheepers joined the practice on 1 January 2007. Dr Coetzer then left the practice and only administered anaesthetic to the patients of Dr Spike Erasmus, until he retired finally on 28 March 2013.

In the meantime the three remaining anaesthetists worked hard and thereby ensured that the practice kept on growing. A fourth associate, Dr Cobus Hauptfleisch, joined them on 1 July 2010. Five short years later a fifth associate, Dr Didi von Dürckheim, joined in February 2015. As more and more specialists joined the Stellenbosch Mediclinic, the practice continued to grow, leading to a sixth associate being welcomed to the practice – Dr Riaan Murray, who joined on 1 April 2017.

With the Stellenbosch Mediclinic, relocating the practice grew to seven anaesthetists Dr Wessel Pienaar joined the practice on 1 March 2019. After Stellenbosch Mediclinic’s relocation and the establishment of Mediclinic Winelands we welcomed Dr Katrina Wiid on 1 January 2020. With the constant growth of both Mediclinic hospitals in Stellenbosch we welcomed Dr David Conradie on 1 May 2021.

We have a special place in our hearts and practice for Dr Dries Coetzer, the founder of our practice and a real gentleman (picture on the right). He had the vision of an anaesthetic practice of excellence, and we are still doing our utmost every day to live this vision